Major Achievements  
1998 JUN CyberTAN founded
2001 FEB Successfully developed first Internet broadband router
  MAR Successfully developed first Internet ADSL router
  JUL Moved in current location in Hsinchu Science Park
  AUG Successfully developed first Internet VPN router
2002 JAN Successfully developed first powerline to Ethernet bridge
  FEB Certified for ISO 9001(2000)
  APR Achieved among Taiwan's first ICSA IPSec Certification
  DEC Shipped the world's first 11g router & NIC
2003 MAR Achieved the world's first Wi-Fi certification for 11g router & NIC
  MAR Succeeded in merger with BroMax Communications
  MAY Awarded, along with ODM customer, Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)
    certification, first recipient in the retail market
  JUN Announced the release of 802.11g compliant ADSL Security Wireless Router
  JUL Common stock traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol
  SEP Unveiled the Digital Media Adapter and Wireless Entertainment Gateways
  OCT Reached monthly revenues of more than one billion NT$ and monthly shipment
    of more than one million units
  OCT Joined the Digital Home Working Group (DHWG), and is the first Taiwanese
    Company to join the group
  DEC First shipment of 802.11g ADSL router
2004 FEB Shipped the first 10 million routers
  APR Achieved the world's first WAPI (WLAN Authentication and Privacy
    Infrastructure) Certification among networking communications companies
  APR First shipment of new digital home device -- Audio Media Adaptor
  JUN Awarded EUROTRADE's 2005/Q2 ˇ§Best of Taiwan's Bestˇ¨ Award
  AUG Certified for TL 9000
  SEP Awarded, along with ODM customer, Wi-Fi WPA2(Wireless Protected Access
    2) and WMM(Wi-Fi Multimedia) certifications
  SEP Passed DLNA "Designed to DLNA Guidelines" Test, and is the only company
    in great China area
  OCT Awarded SONY's "OEM Green Partner" certification
  OCT First shipment of wireless module for the handheld device
  OCT Awarded EUROTRADE's 2005/Q3 "Best of Taiwan's Best" Award
2005 MAR First shipment of Digital Media Adapter
  MAY Ranked No.146 in manufacturing industry of Taiwan by Common Wealth
  AUG Achieved UPnP Implementers Corporation (UIC) certification
  OCT Received DLNA Interoperability Certification
  OCT Awarded by Ministry of Economic Affairs for ˇ§Industry Technology Advancement
2006 JUN Shipment of Draft-11n routers
2007 FEB Became a component of the TSEC Taiwan Mid-Cap 100 Index and the TSEC
    Taiwan Technology Index
  JUN Shipment of Homeplug AV products
2008 JUN Shipment of G-EPON ONU products
  OCT Received ODM/JDM excellence award at Cisco's global supplier appreciation event
2009 Apr Shipment of 802.11n VoIP Gateway
  Sep Shipment of 802.11n VoIP Phone
  Oct. Shipment of WiFi TV

Shipment of Network-Attached Storage

2010 Apr Shipment of EPON router

Received Best Supplier award at Lenovo global supplier appreciation event

2011 Feb. Shipment of Set-Top Box

Shipment of VoIP Desktop Phone

2012 Mar 802.11n 3x3 WiFi High Power Bridge

802.11n 4x4 Video Bridge

  May Unified IP Phone Expansion LCD Module
2013 Mar. Shipment of Miracast Disply Dongle

Shipment of 802.11ac Wireless Routers


Shipment of NAS products

2014 Mar. Shipment of IoT modules