CyberTAN Technology, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of broadband and wireless networking equipment. Since its founding in June 1998, CyberTAN has energetically invested in R&D resources to provide professional OEM/ODM services for the home networking and communications market. In 2003, CyberTAN expanded its development efforts to the broadband and wireless fields, concentrating on broadband communications and wireless networking products for the small-office and home-office (SOHO) market. The fruits of these efforts have been numerous awards, affirmation from customers, and CyberTAN's position today as the largest manufacturer of SOHO routers in the world.

CyberTAN's fixed broadband product line has built solid foundation, and it extends product lines to mobile broadband area, such as 4G/LTE and satellite communication products. Furthermore, CyberTAN invests more research and development resources to smart routing, cloud and IoT platform to provide value-add services/solutions to our customers.

Looking toward the future, CyberTAN, in keeping with its vision of "Bringing Broadband to Life," will build on its core competencies in broadband, wireless, telecommunications, and the digital home, expand into the small and medium-size business (SMB) router market, and as ever, strive to maximize production efficiency and generate the highest possible returns for its customers.

CyberTAN's products have secured substantial shares of the broadband communications and wireless networking markets. Simplicity and ease of use are among CyberTAN's principal design considerations, ensuring that people all over the world can make network connections quickly and easily. CyberTAN offers full lines of cost-effective products, including -

Fixed broadband products
- Broadband/DSL routers, Cable Gateways, WiFi AP Bridge
Mobile broadband products
- 4G/LTE Router, Satellite Router
Voice over IP products
- Wired/Wireless VoIP gateways, ADSL 2/2+ IAD, VDSL2 IAD
Wireless/SiP Products
-- Wireless embeded modules, SiP modules, IoT modules
Digital home products
- DTA/IP/Cable/Satellite Set-Top-Box, IoT gateways

CyberTAN is headquartered in Taiwan's Hsinchu Science Park and has R&D, sales, and customer service centers in Taipei, China, and the U.S.A.. CyberTAN posted sales of US$520 million in 2014.