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Wireless Digital Media Adapter (DMA) Module for LCD TVs
The CyberTAN MA101 Wireless DMA Module combines the latest wireless networking and digital media rendering technologies to let users enjoy digital multimedia content on today¡¦s LCD TVs without the headaches of extra cables and cords. With this module built in, an LCD TV can double as a Universal Plug-and-Play Audio/Visual (UPnP AV) media renderer on which the user can play back audio, video, and image files residing on networked computers, media servers, and storage devices.

There is no need to purchase a separate device, find a place for it, and attach it to the TV; there is no tangle of cables on the back. Everything is in the TV itself.

Equipped with an IEEE 802.11g radio interface, the DMA module handles wireless transfer speeds up to a blazing 54 Mbps, and supports WEP and WPA for wireless network security. A friendly user interface and ergonomically designed remote control make it easy to browse through all the multimedia content on the network and play back selected files while relaxing in one¡¦s favorite TV viewing spot.

Features and Benefits

  • Made for LCD TVs
    Specially designed and made to add digital content rendering capability to LCD TVs. Supports all popular audio, video, and image file formats; can transfer video data to the TV in analog or high-quality digital form. A cost-effective way to add substantial value to any LCD TV.

  • User-friendly Setup and Operation
    Provides easy-to-use, embedded Web-based and TV-based graphical user interfaces for configuration and operation. Gives the user complete control of content selection and playback through a convenient infrared remote control.

  • Seamless Wireless Connectivity
    The built-in IEEE 802.11g/b wireless LAN interface provides freedom of placement, blazing transfer speeds up to 54 Mbps, and complete compatibility with widely installed 802.11b devices.

  • Application Scenario