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Digital Media Adapter
Digital Media Adapter with HDTV Support
The CyberTAN MA100 and MA200 convert digital multimedia content X audio, video, and image files X into forms suitable for output to home entertainment devices such as TVs and stereo systems. Whether used with a conventional TV or the latest HDTV and digital audio equipment, the MA100 andMA200 provide convenience and functionality that bring new meaning to the term home entertainment.

The content that the MA100 and MA200 convert can come from a computer running the bundled media server software, from third-party servers that comply with the Universal Plug-and-Play Audio/Video (UPnP AV) guidelines, or from any of a growing number of other UPnP AV compliant devices. All widely-used audio, video, and image file formats are supported. The MA100 andMA200s standards-based design gives the user exceptional freedom of choice.

Operated with the bundled remote control from the comfort of an armchair or couch, the MA100 or MA200 receives digital content through a wired or wireless network link. When there is a wireless adapter in the computer running the server software, the MA100or MA200 can be set up and used anywhere in the house X and the server or servers anywhere else in the house X without drilling holes or running a network cable.

Features and Benefits
  • Standards Compliance for Wide Interoperability
    The MA100 and MA200-B communicate with media servers using the Home Networked Device Interoperability Guidelines version 1.0 (HNv1.0) framework developed by the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) as an extension of Universal Plug and Play Audio/Video (UPnP? AV). They interoperate seamlessly with the many other products that follow DLNA guidelines. The MA100 was in the first batch of products to receive official DLNA certification.

  • Rich Feature Sets
    Each of these DMAs combines a state-of-the-art rendering engine, an auto-sensing 10/100-Mbps Fast Ethernet port, and compatibility with a multitude of home entertainment devices. CyberTAN DMAs are available with IEEE 802.11b/g or 11a/b/g wireless connectivity built in.

  • User-friendly Setup and Operation
  • An embedded setup wizard guides the user through initial configuration. The wizard and a complete embedded configuration utility can easily be accessed at any time through the remote control and on-screen display.

  • The bundled media server can be set up in minutes, and makes finding, organizing, and sharing media files a snap.

  • The Freedom of Wireless
    The built-in, full-function IEEE 802.11 interface lets the DMA and the media server be placed anywhere in the home without running inconvenient, unsightly network cables.

  • Forward-looking Design
    DMA firmware can be upgraded simply and easily through any Web browser. Built-in support for the latest audio and video output formats ensures compatibility with the home entertainment appliances of tomorrow.
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