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Wi-Fi Display HDMI Receiver
This MA400-B is a WiFi Display receiver in compliance to WiFi Alliance's Miracast standard. The MA400-B offers superior video quality and reception range. Equipped with a standard HDMI audio and video output, MA400-B immediately turns any HDMI-equipped TV into a presentation tool for any Miracast-enabled smartphone, tablet and other high quality video sources. Video pixels and frame rates up to 1080p60 are supported. This allows high-quality wireless video presentation for handheld, notebook, PC and set-top boxes.
  • Antenna gains:1.5-2dBi (2.4GHz) (PCB Antenna), 2dBi (5GHz)
  • Channel Bandwidth: 20MHz and 40MHz
  • Association with source:1) AP-STA; 2) WiFi-Direct
  • Video Resolution: CEA, up to 1080p60Hz
  • Encryption: HDCP 1.0, HDCP 2.0
  • Video Codec: H.264
  • HDMI: v1.3
  • Ease of Use: Plug and play with a WPS button for easy link
  • Powered by a micro-USB Jack
  • Application Scenario