Why CyberTAN? Pushing the Limits of Technology
CyberTAN Technology is a ˇ§Total Area Networkingˇ¨ solutions provider
By focusing on innovative ODM/OEM services, we aim to satisfy our customer's need of improved cost efficiency and increased productivity.

CyberTAN has built a unique set of competencies unparalleled in the networking industry- with its extensive technical and management experience in the IT industries, combined with its engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

CyberTAN Advantages

CyberTAN has built a great deal of core competencies in home networking industry with its remarkable management team, which has accumulated tremendous experiences in technical engineering, manufacturing and management in IT industries.

Over the years, CyberTAN has gained its global business partners' trust and recognition by:
  • Prominent R&D teams that understand customers' needs thoroughly
  • Complete product line offerings that outshines our competitors
  • Professional OEM/ODM services that meet customers' needs
  • Added value features that keep our customers' products competitive
  • Flexible capacity and manufacturing capabilities that can quickly respond to market changes
  • Strict quality control that delivers top quality products
  • Excellent after-sales services that put our customers at ease