About Us


CyberTAN Technology is a leading manufacturer of wireless broadband network equipment. Since its inception in June 1998, it has been actively investing in technology research and development resources, providing professional OEM and ODM services for the customers in the home and SMB markets. CyberTAN is now committed to combine Cloud MicroService development capability and software/hardware disaggregation to provide customer more flexible, faster and holistic services. CyberTAN Technology is headquartered in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, and has R&D, and customer service centers in Taipei, China and the United States.

CyberTAN's fixed broadband product line has built solid foundation, and it extends product lines to mobile broadband area, such as 4G/LTE and satellite communication products. Furthermore, CyberTAN invests more research and development resources to smart routing, cloud and IoT platform to provide value-add services/solutions to our customers.

Looking toward the future, CyberTAN, in keeping with its vision of "Bringing Broadband to Life," will build on its core competencies in broadband, wireless, telecommunications, and the digital home, expand into the small and medium-size business (SMB) router market, and as ever, strive to maximize production efficiency and generate the highest possible returns for its customers.

CyberTAN's products have secured substantial shares of the broadband communications and wireless networking markets. Simplicity and ease of use are among CyberTAN's principal design considerations, ensuring that people all over the world can make network connections quickly and easily.

CyberTAN offers full lines of cost-effective products, including -

  • SMB/Enterprise Solutions
  • Wired/Wireless Broadband Solutions
  • Home Connectivity & Entertainment Solutions
  • IoT Solutions

Due to the continuous impact of the global pandemic, new living and working styles are thereby created, which also promotes and accelerates the corporate digitization and cloud development. We will expedite the technology, product development and market promotion of 5G FWA (fixed wireless access equipment), WiFi 6/6E and SD-WAN to provide high quality wireless transmission user experience, thereby linking families/corporates and life/work closely with IoT applications through the technology and creating new growth momentum for the Company. In addition, the Company will continue to develop new customers. Last year, we successfully implemented relevant new customer products which will be in mass production for market sale in this year.

In terms of 5G technology development, the technology has advanced from Sub 6GHz to mmWave of higher frequency and faster speed such that the mobile access network performance of faster speed and low latency is improved. In addition, the integration with the WIFI 6/6E and optical fiber module architecture also creates new business opportunities for multi-bandwidth access, thereby establishing the foundation for the Company’s development of SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) technologies and products. We will continue to develop NFV (network functions virtualization) technology in order to allow the software and hardware of the network communication to head toward an open platform architecture, thereby satisfying the demand and trend for fast deployment of telecommunication operators and enterprises. By improving the added value of products through software technology improvement, we can create business opportunities of transformation for the Company. For existing satellite bandwidth products, the Company has extended from the technology of GEO (geostationary satellites) to LEO (low earth orbit) technology. The new LEO satellite bandwidth products are able to allow users to break through the regional restrictions with increased transmission speed and reduced latency such that its application can be more developed and broader.

To expand the market’s development, the Company has transformed from the current main business model of ODM (original design manufacturer) customers to the IDM (innovative design manufacturing) model. The specifications are closer to user demands with the expansion of the product market share, thereby continuously heading toward the next generation of high-speed wireless, wired and regional, wide area full-domain network product technology development, and truly achieving our business philosophy of “Bringing Broadband to Life.”

The Company will continue to promote the optimization of supply chain and select quality suppliers in order to cope with the issues of raw material shortages and increase in purchase price. We will implement strategic purchasing according to the market trend in order to stabilize the prices and sources of goods. In terms of the manufacturing management, the Company will accelerate the integration of the two plants in Chongqing and Vietnam, and will continue to implement automatic and intelligent manufacturing so as to improve the manufacturing efficiency and competitiveness. In 2021, our business will focus on the development of new markets, successful introduction of new products, and continuous optimization of cost management structure as the priority. In addition, the Company will pay attention to rapid external changes in order to achieve the greatest benefits for the shareholders, the Company, and employees. Finally, we sincerely appreciate the long-term support and encouragement from all shareholders, customers, suppliers, and employees for the Company.