To take action to preserve the environment, CyberTAN assigns the Management Division as a unit dedicated to (concurrently engaged in) ESG affairs. The unit is responsible for establishing ESG policies or systems, promoting relevant activities, and reporting the implementation to the Board of Directors annually. Besides constantly complying with environmental protection laws and regulations, CyberTAN contracts with a legal cleaning company for regular waste treatment and has dedicated itself to reducing carbon and greenhouse gas emissions while putting effort into energy conservation. CyberTAN aims to reduce electricity consumption/expense by 5% per year. (From 2014 to 2018, the target has been achieved. Even though since 2019 we started facing difficulties in saving energy, the electricity consumption/expense has maintained at the same level as in 2018.)

The specific promotion plan and implementation results are as follows:

Annual Electricity Consumption and Costs
Year Annual Electricity Expense (NTD) Annual Electricity Consumption (NTD) Annual kgCO2e Emission
2020 2,638,128 945,500 481,259
2019 3,221,115 974,990 519,670
Annual Water Consumption and Costs
Year Annual CO₂ Emissions from Water Consumption Annual Water Consumption (tons)
2020 896 5,598
2019 938 5,829
Waste Generation from 2019 to 2020
Year Annual Waste Generation (ton)
2020 13.708
2019 12.996